We are happy that you chose Piccolo as a daycare center for your child! In this page we have collected practical information that is good for you to know.

Granting the place for your child and invoicing

As soon as you will be granted a place for your child in the Piccolo daycare center, you will need to apply for a service voucher from Porvoo city. This can be done using eDaisy service system at porvoo.daisynet.fi/eDaisy. A copy of the Piccolo daycare agreement needs to be attached to the application. You can also send your income statement using eDaisy service. Income statement is important as otherwise the daycare fee will automatically be based on the highest income class. It is recommended to update the income statement in case there are major changes in the family income level. Decision regarding the service voucher, as well as the first invoice, will be sent one month after starting the daycare. Later on the daycare fee will be invoiced on monthly basis.

Informing the daycare times

It is very important that you will provide the required daycare times of your child using eDaisy. We would appreciate if you could provide the times 3 weeks in advance. We will prepare the shift schedule for our personnel based on this information. In case you cannot provide the daycare times by eDaisy, you can also inform them to the Piccolo personnel. Also, please let us know in case there will be any changes.

eDaisy – porvoo.daisynet.fi/eDaisy

  • income statement
  • termination and change notices
  • service voucher application

Daisy – porvoo.daisynet.fi

  • basic information of your child
  • requests for daycare times
  • actual daycare times
  • permission requests

Early childhood education plan

As your child will start at Piccolo daycare center, we will ask you to fill-in a form with basic information of your child. We will also discuss about your child and about your wishes during previsits.

An individual early childhood education plan will be made for each child at Piccolo daycare center. The plan will be prepared within couple of months after start. We will have meetings with the parents in autumn and spring. In the meetings we will agree all items related to the development of your child. This information will also be recorded to the Daisy system.

What to bring to Piccolo:

  • Spare clothing, suitable to the ongoing season. Spare clothes are kept in a bag in the child’s own locker.
  • Outdoor clothing suitable to the weather conditions. Rubber overalls and rubber boots can be stored in the child’s own locker. Dirty outdoor clothes should be brought back home at the end of each week. Shoes of each child group are kept in the lobby on named shoe racks.
  • Indoor slippers
  • Diapers
  • Soft toy with a name tag attached
  • Xylitol pastilles with a name tag attached
  • During summer time: sun block cream, water bottle and a hat, all with name tags attached.

It will make our work a lot easier if there will be name tags on all clothes and belonging of your child!

Bringing and picking-up your child

Parents should take of the outdoor clothing from the child. Clothes are placed in the locker and shoes in the shoe rack on named places. Please remember to wash hands together with your child. Parents will then bring the child to the right group. When bringing and picking-up your child, you will need to use so called tag registering your child in the Daisy system. Our policy is to tell about the daily activities to parents when the child is picked-up.

We will hand over the child only to parents or to an other person who has been named in advance. Please always inform Piccolo personnel in case another person will pick-up your child. Please note that a person under 18 years old is not allowed to pick-up your child alone.

In case you will bring your child using a pram, you can leave the pram under the Piccolo shelter. However, this will be on your own responsibility.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 virus situation our daycare center may have special arrangements in use. This may also concern bringing / picking up your child. We will inform the parents regarding possible additional instructions.

Outdoor activities

We are going outdoors a lot and almost on any weather. Warm, fit and water-proof clothing will improve comfort feeling when playing outdoors. We are playing both in our own playground and in the Porvoo central area parks. We also do walking trips to the close-by forests.

Please check the situation with clothes on daily basis. Personnel of the Piccolo daycare center will put dirty clothes in a plastic bag and place the bag in child’s own locker. You can then take the clothes home for washing.


In Piccolo daycare center we serve plant-oriented lunch prepared by the local partner restaurant. The snacks are prepared by our own cook. Our menu can be found in the notice board and at our homepages. We encourage children for a diverse and healthy eating habits. We also focus on dining situations by eating in small groups to keep the meals as peaceful situations. Occasionally we prepare meals together with children.

It is very important that you will inform us about allergies of your child as well as other possible dietary preferences, preferably already before the daycare starts and also later in case of any changes.


Everyone in Piccolo will have a short break after lunch. It is also possible to have a longer nap while listening to calm music. Even if your child does not need a nap any more, everyone will still have a possibility to have a refreshing rest. Children can listen to music or a fairy tale read aloud during break time.

Absence and illness

Please inform about the absence of your child as soon as possible. Sick child should always be treated at home. Return to daycare is dependent on the general condition of the child. However, there should always be at least one day without fever and symptoms. Sick child should get enough rest to be able to fully recover, and to be able to join the daily activities at Piccolo.

It is very important that you will inform Piccolo personnel in case your child has any kind of contagious illnesses or parasites. These include for example impetigo, scabies, threadworms or head lice. Piccolo personnel will inform homes about contagious illnesses of any of the children in the daycare center. Sharing this information is important so that we can further improve the level of hygiene and start other required actions to hinder spreading of the illnesses.

To prevent spreading of Corona virus, we are applying the instructions provided by Porvoo city. The actual instructions can be read at COVID-19 instruction pages of the city.


In general, the needed medicines should be given at home. At Piccolo daycare we will only give the prescription drugs by doctor’s order. Parents need to give the medicine to Piccolo personnel in the original package and instruct the dosing and storing of the drug. It is not allowed to leave any type of medicine in the child’s bag or locker. This concerns also medicines such as asthma pipe.

In case of chronic diseases, the child needs to have a personal treatment/medication plan. Such illnesses are for example diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies or other type of sickness that requires continuous treatment by medication.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions!